Little Known Tips About Stretch Mark And Scar Cream

Stretch mark cream is HUGE with women during and after their pregnancies. Just when you want to cry about all the awful pain and beautiful babies your body makes, you see all of the stretched out, scarred skin and baggy, drooping flesh. Despite the miraculous thing your body has just done, you feel awful and hideous. Before you get a little crazy and spend all your new baby's diaper money on stretch mark creams, here are a few tips to buying these creams that you need to know.

Cost, Quality, and Effectiveness

There are some really inexpensive stretch mark and scar creams and oils out there. While they claim to do what you want them to, the fact is, they are much more effective at softening and plumping your skin. When the skin is softened and plumped, the stretch marks are less noticeable. Most of these creams cost about $15 or less per tube or bottle.

However, the more expensive creams and oils contain ingredients that have been researched extensively. The ingredients are patented because they have been proven to tone skin and shrink stretch marks. It is why these products charge you $30-$100, and they are worth it. In short, if you want one of the most effective stretch mark and scar products that erase these scars, you should pay more.

Older Moms Should Use Serums Instead

Since the skin of women over thirty-five is drier and less elastic than the skin of younger women, older post-partum mothers should be using a serum instead. Serums seep deeper into your skin, where they can be effective and help make your skin softer and smoother. Roller creams are essentially serums in base form with cream additives, and these will work for you too. They should be applied after a warm shower or bath to help get the healing benefits deep into the skin through your open pores.

Avoid Applying Any Stretch Mark Cream an Hour Before Getting Wet

You can apply your chosen product any time of the day or night. Just do not apply it before you go into a pool, jacuzzi tub, bathtub, or shower less than an hour beforehand. Doing so just washes the product off, opens the pores and sweats it out, and prevents the product from doing its intended job. Apply your product well in advance to getting wet, or better yet, after you get out of all of the above.